Facebook Memory Finder

The Facebook Memory Finder Application allows you to find moments memorialized in photos posted on Facebook. You can search based on a specific time of year, for a given time-period and/or taken at a specific location. For example, you can search for photos taken ever summer in Napa, California, or every December in France. Found photos can be re-shared on Facebook or shared with any other application, on your device, that supports importing photos.


Logging In/Out

This Application logs you in using your Facebook account. Once logged in, you will see your profile picture and name in the bottom center of the search screen. To log out, simply tap on your profile picture/name and choose "Ok" when prompted to log out.

Privacy Statement

The Application does no collect user information for any purpose other than providing in-Application functionality. Please click here to review the full Privacy Policy statement.

Search Screen Icons

Icon Description
Allows you to save the current search to your saved searches folder for later retrieval and use
Allows you to customize the application's behavior and to define new holiday time-periods for use during searching
Allows you to retrieve and use your previously saved searches.
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