Memory Finder

Memory Finder is a photo viewer that makes it easy to browse your photo library, and find photos, based on location and/or the time of year taken.

You can search based on a specific time of year, for a given time period, and/or taken at a specific location. For example, you can search for photos taken ever summer in Napa, California or every December in France, or around you birthday. Found photos can be shared with any application on you device that supports photo sharing (like Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Searches can also be saved for later use and you can also create a Memory Finder album that will automatically update when new photos, that match the search criteria, are added.

In addition, Memory finder automatically creates an album of randomly selected photographs, from your library, allowing you to rediscover long forgotten moments. You can view this album, or any other album, as a slide show along with a suitable soundtrack from your music library.

On the iPad, the enhanced viewer allows your albums and images to share the same screen, and, the adjustable splitter allows you to choose how much real-estate to allocate to each.

When you choose to share an image, you can share the original image or share it as it currently appears on your screen (zoomed in, rotated, etc.).


Privacy Statement

The Application does no collect user information for any purpose other than providing in-Application functionality. Please click here to review the full Privacy Policy statement.

Special Icons

Icon Description
Allows you to customize the application's behavior and to define new holiday time-periods for use during searching
Switches to the albums view, which shows your Photo Library and Memory Finder albums
Switches to the search view, allowing you to search for photos by date or location
Allows you to retrieve and use your previously saved searches.
Allows you to retrieve and use your previously saved searches.
Allows you to shares the image as it is currently displayed. Only what you can see on the screen will be shared.
Rotates the image to the left. The underlying photo is not changed, just you view of the photo.
Rotates the image to the right. The underlying photo is not changed, just you view of the photo.

Special Features

Feature Description
Collapsible sections
In the albums view, tapping on the section title will expand or collapse the section as appropriate
Context Menus
On iOS 13 or later, context menus (activated by holding down your finger on an item) are available in the albums view and the photos view.
Resizable Views
On the iPad, the divider between the albums view and the photos view can be dragged to resize the sections.
Scroll To Bottom
In the photos view, tapping on the album’s title will automatically scroll to the bottom of the album.
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